Any qualified individual desiring to become a member of this organization shall fill out application, written in ink, on a prescribed form provided by the Executive Committee. The application shall be certified by one member in good standing and be referred to the General Secretary for verification, consideration and approval upon submission of designated membership fee/dues per section 2 ART. 15

It shall be unacceptable and shall- be considered unlawful to fill in the application forms with false statements, and all such applicants shall be declared null and void and their dues shall not be refunded and shall become the property of the society. Whereas the members proposing and seconding the said names of applicants shall lose their voting rights for the same upcoming election. All these persons may, however, reapply for membership with correct statement and information and shall have to pay the dues/subscriptions again with new applications.


This society shall be open for membership to:

  • Any Bangladeshi living in America
  • Any American citizen with Bangladesh origin such as:
  • By birth
  • Through blood relationship
  • Through naturalization

Persons not meeting above requirements are eligible to be an Associate Member. The associate Members in good standing shall have all rights, benefits and privileges of a member in good standing except voting rights and its benefits. An individual wishing to become a member of the society, and if approved, shall understand, accept and oblige by the values of Sec.7 ART.9 of this constitution.


The candidate’s admission to the membership shall be confirmed by the General Secretary through letter and/or by sending ID card.


Upon admission, each member shall subscribe to the constitution of the society and shall be initiated as provided in the constitution.


An expelled member may be reinstated, shall apply as new member as herein before provided subject to any disciplinary action as herein after provided.


An application rejected shall be entitled for refund of the dues he/she has forwarded for the membership except for sec 2.2 ART VII.


A member in good standing, who shall pay the designated amount of Life Membership dues at one time, shall achieve the honor of becoming a life member of the society.


An applicant, who shall pay the designated amount of dues per Section 2 ART XV, shall achieve the honor of becoming a Special Life Member of the Society. He shall not be obliged to enjoy the rights of a general member.


The honor of Honorary Life Member shall be awarded to any Bangladeshi or to any individual of known distinction whose contributions and dedications to the community, are considered to be our national pride. This award shall be executed by a two third majority approval of the Enlarged Board.